Botswana “Land of the Kalahari”

Botswana safaris offer a unique wildlife experience for those who seek the true wilderness of Africa. Roughly the size of Texas, Botswana is characterized by the vast semi-arid terrain of the Kalahari Desert, which includes the Kalahari Game Reserve (the largest in Africa), and Chobe National Park which shelters 35,000 elephants. In stark contrast to these dry expanses, the Okavango Delta with its watery maze of channels and lagoons offers an oasis of luxuriance both in fauna & flora. On the mainland and among the islands in the delta, lions, elephants, hyenas, buffalo, hippo and crocodiles congregate with a teeming variety of antelope and other smaller animals (warthog, mongoose, and monkeys). Your safari experience is further enhanced by the friendly, hospitable and warmhearted people of Botswana.

Kenya “The Cradle of Mankind”

Man’s earliest ancestors may well have originated in northern Kenya as long as five million years ago. The country’s indigenous population represents more diversity than any other African country; approximately 30 languages are spoken in Kenya.
Kenya is the premier safari country in Africa. It is home to the world's largest concentrations of elephant, giraffe, antelope and zebra. Visitors travel to Kenya because of its reputation for excellence in tourism. Kenya is renowned for its outstanding wildlife, scenic beauty, and palm-fringed coast. Popular activities include wildlife safaris, big game fishing, bird watching, mountain climbing and scuba diving.

Namibia “The Land of the Namib”

Namibia safaris offer one of the most fascinating adventures in Africa. Namibia is a country of compelling beauty, abundant sunshine, and a feeling of unconfined space. With its unspoiled landscapes and large variety of game it is one of the premier safari countries in Africa. Namibia is known for its contrasting landscapes including the grandeur of Fish River Canyon, the towering Namib Desert, and game-rich Etosha National Park. In all, Namibia has fourteen major vegetation zones which support at least 134 species of wild mammals. All of Africa's "Big Five" (elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion and leopard), plus the well-known prey animals abound here. Namibia is also home to the largest population of cheetah still in existence. In addition, the diversity of its people creates a rich blend of cultures and traditions.

South Africa “A World in one Country”

South Africa is one of the most fascinating places on earth for its geographical and cultural diversity. It combines abundant safari and wildlife viewing possibilities in dozens of national and private game reserves, with an astounding potential for outdoor sports and activities. Its coasts are rife with underwater wonders as diverse as the provinces they border. South Africa is dotted with bustling modern cities and criss-crossed by an efficient road system. South Africa is a dynamic fusion of African, European and Asian influences and it is the interplay between these various cultures and heritages which gives reality to the slogan: "A world in one country."

Tanzania “The Land of Superlatives”

Tanzania's prolific game parks have made it among the premier safari destinations in Africa. More than a quarter of Tanzania is covered by national parks, game reserves and conservation areas that support a large variety of wildlife such as elephant, lion, leopard and cheetah. Tanzania safaris can be accommodated in lodges, permanent tented camps or mobile camping. The annual wildebeest migration is a sight to behold and a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro is an unforgettable adventure. Add an 840-km coastline of tropical, palm-fringed beaches dotted with historical sites, underwater coral gardens, and exotic islands to complete the picture of country in many ways still awaiting discovery.

Uganda / Rwanda “The Pearl Of Africa”

Uganda safaris usually include a gorilla trek in the Bwindi National Park in search of the endangered Mountain Gorilla (over half the world's remaining Mountain Gorillas live here). However, the country has much more to offer. Uganda is blessed with sumptuous forests, haunting mountain landscapes, sparkling lakes and a superb range of wildlife. You can expect to find world-class sport fishing, the world’s most varied primate populations, and the finest birding country in Africa with more than one thousand recorded species. Also, the people of Uganda have a well-earned reputation for hospitality, modesty and friendliness.

Zambia “Africa Untamed”

On a Zambia safari one can expect some of the finest scenery and wildlife viewing experiences in Africa. Zambia is fed and shaped by three great rivers, and bordered by three massive lakes as well as big, big skies. Zambia beckons to the intrepid and the adventurous -- those who want to step off the conveyor belt of mass tourism. Principal attractions include the astonishing wildlife of Luangwa Valley; the graceful lechwe antelope filling the vast plains of Busanga and Bangweulu in the tens of thousands; the annual wildebeest migration of the Liuwa Plains which rivals the Serengeti; and the white-water rafting frenzy of the Zambezi River. Zambia safaris are accommodated in lodges and permanent tented camps.

Zimbabwe “A Land of Heritage”

Beautiful, enigmatic Zimbabwe is undoubtedly best known for the tumultuous waters of Victoria Falls. Yet, the landlocked country is endowed with a truly spectacular variety of natural assets. Some of the most favored tourist sites include The Great Zimbabwe national monument (home to ancient rulers of Zimbabwe), Matopos National Park, Lake Kariba, Mana Pools, and the scenic Eastern Highlands. Zimbabwe safaris are blessed with a staggering diverse wildlife, disseminated in mainly untouched reserves sprinkled across the country. The largest, Hwange National Park, is a huge slice of Zimbabwe which has been set aside purely for the purpose of conserving wildlife in its natural habitat. Hwange boasts over one hundred different species of animals and 400 species of birds. Zimbabwe safari activities can include wildlife game viewing, rafting, canoeing and game fishing.